I was referred to Tammy Noll in the spring of 2012 by a couple whom I had known for a while. The first time I spoke to her by phone she made it clear that she would do all that she could, in order to ensure that we would be happy with not just the end result, but the process as well. She also made it abundantly clear, that she would absolutely, not allow us to overspend and put ourselves in a financially compromising position. After finally meeting Tammy, her words to us were; when I see you in the supermarket, “I want to be able to speak to you, and not have to hide behind an aisle”. How many agents can you say truly care about that? It’s true when we wanted to push a little more she would not submit, to allow us to go beyond our capability, and ensured that we stayed well below our max financial qualification, without sacrificing our dreams of what we wanted in that forever home. She has the thaumaturgic ability to balance your fantasy with the acceptable reality.